Congressman Denies Support for Trump’s 2024 Run

Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, is at it again. The perennial thorn in the GOP’s side continues to withhold support for former President Donald Trump regarding the potential 2024 election. Romney’s latest move came during a recent closed-door meeting with Trump and other Republican senators, where he made it crystal clear that he was there to “listen” and not to demonstrate support.

“I didn’t go there to support former President Trump. I went there to listen to what he was planning on doing if he became president,” Romney stated, as if anyone was buying his feigned impartiality.

The meeting aimed to provide Trump with a platform to present new policy positions, targeting workers in crucial swing states. Romney, who had initially planned to skip the event, ended up attending due to a canceled flight. One can’t help but wonder if the canceled flight was a convenient excuse for him to show up and pretend to care.

Romney’s opposition to Trump is nothing new, of course. “With President Trump, it’s a matter of personal character,” he insists. Yes, Mitt, we know—your moral high horse can be seen from a mile away.

Romney has latched onto the E. Jean Carroll case to justify his disdain. In this case, Trump, while not held liable for rape, was found responsible for sexual abuse and defamation. Carroll accused Trump of sexually assaulting her in 1996, and a jury found in her favor, awarding her $83.3 million, including $65 million in punitive damages.

“I draw a line and say when someone has been actually found to have been sexually assaulted, that’s something I just won’t cross over in the person I wouldn’t want to have as president of the United States,” Romney declared, proudly polishing his halo.

Romney’s representative verified the senator’s statements, noting, “That is what he said and has been saying this for months — it’s not new.” No kidding, we’ve been hearing the same sanctimonious drivel for years.

Meanwhile, there’s been no immediate response from the Trump campaign regarding the senator’s stance. And why should there be? Trump has bigger fish to fry than Romney’s self-righteous grandstanding.

Romney’s refusal to support Trump isn’t just about personal character. It’s about maintaining his status as the GOP’s resident moral crusader. His lack of support for Trump is as predictable as it is tiresome.

Romney remains unwavering in his stance, consistently expressing his concerns with Trump’s personal character. But as the 2024 election approaches, it’s clear that the GOP—and the American people—are more interested in results than in Romney’s perpetual virtue signaling.

Call to action: Will Romney’s moral posturing make any difference in the 2024 election, or is he just another relic of a bygone era clinging to relevance? Stay tuned to see how this political drama unfolds.