Congress BLOCKS Socialist Bill That Would Have Cut Defense Spending By $74 Billion


Democrats aren’t just trying to defund the police. They’re trying to defund America’s armed forces!

But thankfully, the radical Democrat plan is falling flat on its face…

A terrifying report from Defense News confirms that Congress just BLOCKED a bill that Senator Bernie Sanders authored which would have cut America’s defense spending budget by $74 million. The bill was blocked not only by the U.S. Senate, but also by the U.S. House as well. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell even referred to the bill as a “socialist spending spree” and even said that it would “literally decimate” America’s defense if passed.

“Spending Spree” Bill Falls Flat

In a major defeat for Democrat Senator Bernie Sanders, Congress made the abrupt decision to stop 2 bills which were started by him that would have slashed America’s national security budget by $74 billion.

The Senate voted 23-77 against an amendment.

On Tuesday, the House ALSO rejected a companion bill, 93-324, which is roughly a 3-to-1 margin as well. Democrats split, 92-139, while all 185 Republicans voted “no.”

McConnell Responds

Needless to say, Republicans were furious with the idea of defunding America’s troops. Especially Mitch McConnell.

McConnell responded to the bill, saying:

“The Democratic leader, who in almost every floor speech tries to accuse this administration of being too soft on America’s adversaries, wants to literally decimate our defense budget to finance a socialist spending spree.”

McConnell continued:

“Defense spending demonstrates our will to defend ourselves and our interests in a dangerous world. Keeping our nation safe is our foremost constitutional duty. We cannot shirk it.”

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