CONFIRMED: Democrats No Longer Have Enough Votes To Take Away Filibuster

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It’s over. Democrats will NOT be able to take away the ability to “filibuster” from the United States Senate.

According to an explosive new report from The Gateway Pundit, Mitch McConnell has just confirmed that the United States Senate will NOT be able to end the filibuster. Because Democrats no longer have enough votes to do it!

Filibuster Safe From Democrats… For Now

Former Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell confirms that he met with United States Senators, 2 of whom are Democrats, and he was able to confirm that Democrats NO LONGER have enough votes to take away the filibuster.

McConnell confirmed the news, saying:

“I’m glad that two Senate Democrats confirmed today they will not vote to end the legislative filibuster.”

This comes just after Mitch McConnell slammed the idea of ending the filibuster, saying:

“Taking that plunge would NOT be some progressive dream. It would be a nightmare.”

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