Communism in the US: Fact or Fiction?

The Democrats seem willfully blind to the disturbing parallels between their policies and the pillars of communist regimes of the past. For many conservatives, the trajectory is clear. Here’s a breakdown of the phases as they see it:

Phase 1: Questionable Election Integrity

The Democrats, under the convenient cover of the pandemic, introduced mail-in ballots, unmonitored drop boxes, and prolonged vote counts, raising eyebrows among many conservatives. These practices struck them as eerily reminiscent of tactics that might be used to seize power and lay the groundwork for radical policy changes like the Green New Deal and further economic disruptions.

Phase 2: Erosion of Personal Freedoms

The dominant liberal narrative seems to be moving towards curbing individual freedoms – be it through policies around mandatory vaccination, masking, energy consumption, or even religious practices. The left’s obsession with identity politics and controversial education reforms further exacerbates these concerns.

Phase 3: The Illusory Promise of “Utopia”

Historically, communist regimes have painted a picture of a utopian society. However, the reality often becomes a binary of the elite and the impoverished. The conservative fear is that America, under its current leadership, might be heading towards such a divide.

Biden’s Marxist Bent?

The Biden administration, as viewed by many conservatives, seems to be incorporating key aspects of communism. While the GOP acknowledges these transformations, some argue they are too intertwined with corporate interests to mount a proper resistance.

Top 10 Communist Indoctrinations taking place now in America:

  1. Mandatory Masks: Not just a health measure, but a potential tool to suppress individuality.
  2. Communication Barriers: Masks potentially curtail free and open conversation.
  3. Sexual Obsession: A growing focus on identity and sexuality distracts from issues of governance and freedom.
  4. Fear of Authority: The perceived vilification of Jan. 6 participants and Trump signifies a silencing of opposition.
  5. Gun Control: A move to disarm the populace?
  6. Identity Politics: A forced narrative on immigration and race.
  7. Taxation: Growing government intervention financed by the taxpayer’s money.
  8. Global Policing: Military interventions under the guise of ‘spreading democracy.’
  9. Media Control: The conservative distrust in mainstream media’s narratives.
  10. Economic Disparities: Increasing costs make leisure activities a privilege of the elite.

For those keen on exploring narratives outside mainstream media, alternative sources like might offer a fresh perspective.