Chris Wallace Makes Bizarre Claim That Trump Only Wants To Debate Biden Because Trump Is Losing (REPORT)


Fox News host Chris Wallace just went on a bizarre attack against President Donald Trump last Thursday.

According to Fox News, Wallace made the BASELESS claim that Donald Trump is only challenging Biden to a debate because Trump is behind in certain polls. This attack by Wallace comes just days after Trump humiliated Wallace on camera by fact-checking him in the middle of an interview.

Wallace Targets Trump

“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace told the “Brian Kilmeade Show” Thursday that Trump only wants to debate Biden because Trump is down in the polls. Wallace claims that if Trump was ahead, he wouldn’t want to debate:

“If they were to open it up and say ‘no let’s set another debate, I just think it would jeopardize a lot of things. If Donald Trump were leading, instead of trailing in the polls, my guess is he wouldn’t want it, so they’ll have the debates.”

Wallace continued, claiming that early voting is good – in spite of the fact that people will vote before seeing Joe Biden debate:

“They’ve had early voting before. Yes, there’s going to be more of it this time.”

Trump Has Always Wanted Debates

This claim by Wallace is just outright wrong.

Trump has always wanted more debates. Even back in 2016 when Sen. Bernie Sanders was running against Hillary Clinton.

Trump even planned on debating Bernie Sanders before the 2016 election, until election officials reportedly told him it was a bad idea.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden hates the idea of having more debates. His campaign has rejected calls for more debates time and time again.

This is just more proof that Chris Wallace is trying to defend Biden like he always has. There’s no reason for his belief whatsoever.


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