Chris Wallace Chosen To Moderate Presidential Debate Between Trump And Biden


Despite Chris Wallace’s previous attacks against President Donald Trump, Fox News has just confirmed that he will be one of the moderators of the presidential debates.

According to Fox News, the “Fox News Sunday” host has been selected to moderate the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The decision was announced on Wednesday by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Chris Wallace To Moderate Debates

Fox News Media CEO Suzanne Scott  went on a very long bizarre rant praising Chris Wallace and saying that Wallace represented the “gold standard in journalism,” saying:

“Revered as the gold standard in journalism, Chris has the innate ability to cut to the heart of issues that matter most to viewers while holding his interview subjects accountable to the facts like no other journalist in the industry. His debate moderator performance in 2016 was truly masterful and we are beyond excited to watch him brilliantly perform his craft once again.”

Scott continued, claiming that Wallace’s selection is why Fox News is “the best in the business”:

“This is yet another example of why we are the best in the business.”

Chris Wallace’s Past Attacks Of Trump

However, despite what the CEO of Fox News may claim, Wallace is not as unbiased as he pretends.

Wallace has launched numerous vicious attacks against President Trump. And it has especially gotten worse in recent months.

Wallace recently attacked Trump for trying to have more debates against Biden. Wallace claimed that Trump only wants to debate more because he’s down in the polls.

Wallace and Trump recently got into a very tense situation during a recent interview. Trump even stopped the interview to have someone fact-check Wallace.

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