Chinese Communist Party Humiliates John Kerry In Public


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John Kerry is a disgrace to the American Empire. And now China is humiliating him in front of the entire world.

According to a new report just released by The Gateway Pundit, disturbing new photos have just been released revealing that China FORCED John Kerry to embarrassingly wait on a bus to pick him up. And then they forced him to sit in the very back of the bus! They’re making him a laughing stock.

China Humiliates John Kerry

According to a report by journalist Charles R. Smith, pictures show that China forced forced John Kerry to sit at the back of the bus while visiting China to talk about climate change:

And not only that, but then the Chinese Communist Party hired a bus from a travel company for John Kerry, while abruptly no longer arranging for officials at the state councilor level to meet him. They’re literally just humiliating him.

China is laughing at us. They’re trying to humiliate the United States. And weak politicians like John Kerry are letting it happen. It’s disgusting.

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