CHINA DATA LEAK: Project Veritas exposes China’s 5-year plan

In a startling revelation that raises eyebrows about the extent of China’s ambitions, Project Veritas has announced the acquisition of close to eight gigabytes (GB) of data, stolen from the Chinese government’s vaulted “five-year plan” to ascend as the singular global superpower. The exposé came about when an unguarded web server belonging to a Chinese state-run enterprise was found publicly accessible, and the Veritas team was able to download approximately 400 files sans password.

Project Veritas CEO Hannah Giles let the cat out of the bag in a discussion with the Gateway Pundit, revealing, “These are the business plans the Chinese government is utilizing to grow its technological and military infrastructure.” Giles further added that Project Veritas made these internal Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plans public in a commitment to unmask the truth.

As per Veritas, the documents bring to light a host of CCP projects greenlit in October 2020. Many of these projects seem to be geared towards frontier technology sectors like biotechnology, nuclear technology, artificial intelligence, and others, some even hinting at potential military usage. The documents also showcase advancements in high-end manufacturing, including agricultural and medical equipment, and the creation of materials and chemicals.

Adding fuel to the fire, the unearthed data intimates that a number of individuals linked to these projects’ research and development have ties to public universities and private firms in the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, Canada, Australia, Japan, France, and Germany. These individuals were recruited through various CCP programs, including the infamous “Thousand Talents,” a program designed to lure expatriate scientists and foreign researchers to China to bolster their science and tech sector.

In a chilling throwback, Project Veritas notes, “This program, along with affiliated Confucius Institutes, was subject to oversight and disclosure of CCP members during the Trump administration. The Biden administration revoked this oversight in 2021 – the same year China’s current five-year plan was initiated.”

The unveiling of this plot has sent shockwaves across global intelligence agencies who now have their eyes peeled for any further moves by China to destabilize the Free World and to establish itself as the world’s sole superpower.

Shining a spotlight on the gravity of the situation, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray, in a 2020 address at the Hudson Institute, warned, “The greatest long-term threat to our nation’s ideas, innovation, economic and national security is that from China.”

Project Veritas released this explosive report to draw attention to the potential threats from the CCP and its overarching global agenda. The non-profit urged journalists worldwide and subject matter experts “to thoroughly reveal the implications of these business plans, and the individuals involved.”

In an additional development affirming China’s subversive tactics, a report from cybersecurity firm Mandiant has brought to light how Shanghai-based media outlet Haixun, having deep ties with the CCP, has been planting propaganda articles on over 30 American news websites.

Through these startling revelations, it becomes all too clear the lengths to which the CCP is willing to go to assert its global dominance. It’s high time we keep a close watch on Communist China’s maneuvers.