Capitol Hill Investigator Says There Is No Direct Evidence Of Murder, Kidnapping Plots


A huge development has just occurred in the investigation into the riots on Capitol Hill.

According to a bombshell report from The Epoch Times, a Capitol Hill investigator has just admitted that there is NO DIRECT EVIDENCE that there was a plot to kidnap or kill lawmakers in the attack of protestors at the United States capitol. This comes despite the claims by the liberal media that the riot was a “domestic terrorist” attack targeting lawmakers like Ocasio-Cortez.

No Direct Evidence

U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin told reporters Friday that there is no direct evidence that there were any plans to kidnap and kill lawmakers. He made the stunning admission, saying:

“We don’t have any direct evidence of kill-capture teams.”

The news comes just as Democrat leaders claim they were being targeted in kidnapping plots and assassination attempts! Ocasio-Cortez even recently claimed that she almost died!

However, as the investigator says, these claims are baseless. There is no direct evidence that the protestors were after anyone!

Another attorney revealed that the situation is very complex and that protestors mostly went back home after the whole thing was over:

“The cases are all being charged here in D.C., and with our law enforcement partners, and what makes this case in particular unprecedented and unusual and extremely complex is the fact that, after the event, obviously thousands of people went back to their home districts. And that has complicated things.”

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10 Responses

  1. Arthur Jurczak

    January 16, 2021 9:02 am

    Any and all those arrested for capital hill incident that are part of ANTIFA,BLM or any other Democrat sponsored group will be released with no charges. Any pro-Trumpers, just for being there, will be accused of falsified crimes.

  2. Craig Michael Vandertie

    January 16, 2021 10:07 am

    Fact, former FBI agent witnessed bus load of Antifa/BLM members arrive on Capitol grounds, the group of loyal Trump supporting protesters were infiltrated, the Antifa/BLM anarchists had no problem getting inside Capitol despite the presence of Capitol police, the only way they could have so easily gotten within the Capitol building is if the Capitol police had unlocked left entrance points unsecured and then informed the Antifa/BLM rioters where to enter the building.

  3. Equalizer

    January 16, 2021 10:44 am

    The entire thing was orchestrated & carried out by antifa & blm with the aid of piglousy, and
    financing from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Pepsi & other companies who donated millions of dollars to them. (Amazon 10 million ) Soros had his hand in the pot as well.

  4. Eric

    January 18, 2021 2:47 pm

    I actually had a friend from my HS days who called me out on FB for trying to say that the Antifa / BLM were the ones involved in the actual violence at the Capitol bldg that day!!

    And the dude claims to be a Conservative lol!


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