“Black Lives Matter” Rioters Attack Police Car – Up To 12 People Injured


This isn’t a protest. It’s a violent riot.

According to a terrifying report by the Daily Mail, police officers in Detroit, Michigan were forced flee for their lives after their police car was attacked by a violent mob of “Black Lives Matter” rioters. The officers tried to drive off, but screaming rioters attacked their car and refused to let go of the car as it drove away. Up to 12 people have reportedly been injured.

Police Attacked

A police car was surrounded by a crowd of screaming protesters in Detroit before speeding off with demonstrators still clinging to the hood.

Witnesses say that the car hit between 10 and 12 people.

Video footage released of the incident shows that the police officer tried to swerve and get people to get off his car, but the rioters kept screaming and beating on the vehicle. So he had to drive off with them still hanging on.

You can watch the video of the incident yourself below:

Rioters Once Again Pretend To Be Victims

Protesters can be seen gathered around the front of a Detroit Police vehicle while chanting ‘no justice, no peace’.

One man briefly lies on the hood of the car as its siren loudly blares.

The protesters made the insane claim afterward that “This was a clear act of aggression.” But they brought it on themselves.

What did they honestly think was going to happen after they screamed at officers and beat on their cars while they were trying to leave? The officers had no other choice.

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