Biotech DISCOVERY – Steve Bannon Gets The Final Laugh!

According to Business Insider, a 45-year-old biotechnology CEO claims to have successfully reduced his biological age by a whopping 5 years. The process reportedly cost him millions of dollars in chemical treatments.

Bryan Johnson, a biotech businessman, has been performing experiments on himself for something he calls “Project Blueprint”.

These experiments have reportedly allowed him to game nature by helping him develop the organs of an 18-year-old. For context, this means his body is nearly 27 years younger because of his experimentation.

The proclaimed breakthrough has many experts wondering if the process of aging may eventually be overcome by scientists looking to play God.

Democrat groups funded by George Soros have mocked the idea of “transhumanism” for years.

Donald Trump’s former campaign strategist, Steve Bannon, has spent years talking about the horrifying trend as he claims that elites are trying to make themselves something more than human.

Media Matters has even once mocked Steve Bannon for his warnings, claiming that it’s just another “crackpot theory”.

Sadly, Steve Bannon may be more correct than anyone realizes. It’s happening right before our very eyes.

Inequality is probably going to get worse before it gets better.