Bill Clinton Met In Secret With Ghislaine Maxwell (REPORT)


Ghislaine Maxwell reportedly met with Bill Clinton at a secret dinner party in February 2014, which was years after Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual crimes had already been exposed.

According to an explosive new report released by the Daily Beast, Bill Clinton sat down with Ghislaine Maxwell where they both attended the dinner together. Ghislaine Maxwell, now in prison, is currently facing charges of trafficking children.

Maxwell And Clinton Still Talked

Despite being kicked out of social groups for three years prior to the dinner in 2011, Clinton still met with Maxwell in 2014.

And the worst part is that Clinton’s team is responsible for making the arrangements for seating Ghislaine Maxwell at the event. Although multiple people tried to prevent Maxwell from attending due to her links to billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton officials let her attend anyway.

Clinton Met With Maxwell Despite Sex Abuse

The report indicates that Bill Clinton continued his relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell long after Jeffrey Epstein was nailed on sexual abuse charges. The report was so explosive that the Daily Beast even reached out for Bill Clinton to comment on the story. However, a spokesperson for the Clintons declined to say anything new.

Instead, Bill Clinton’s spokeperson chose to refer to a prepared statement Bill Clinton made last year when he said that he did not have ANY knowledge of Jeffrey Epstein’s crimes despite being close to Ghislaine Maxwell, who was part of Epstein’s inner circle.

Angel Urena, a Clinton spokesperson, told Forbes that Clinton isn’t accused of doing anything wrong. And that’s the only defense they’re making.

The fact that the Clintons won’t talk about this shows how completely insane this stuff really is. It was common knowledge that Ghislaine Maxwell was tied to Jeffrey Epstein, but apparently Clinton officials didn’t care enough to cut ties with her.

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14 Responses

  1. Alan

    September 24, 2020 3:55 pm

    Clinton,I didn’t inhale that marijuana, I didn’t have sex with that woman,I didn’t go th Epsteins island.biden is a good man for president .anything else bill.

  2. Lynn

    September 24, 2020 4:24 pm

    How come Biden has a house 8mi’s from Epsteins Island…? I never seen such a bunch of sicko’s in the Demo Party….TRUMP 2020…..!!!!!!

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