Bill Barr Will NOT Wait Until After 2020 To Release John Durham’s Investigation Findings (REPORT)


The Russia investigation was an illegal witch hunt. And Attorney General William Barr intends to release the discovery ahead of the 2020 election.

According to a new report released by The Washington Post, Attorney General William Barr has just confirmed that he will NOT wait until after the election to release John Durham’s findings in the probe against the FBI. Durham is currently investigating the FBI for allegedly ILLEGALLY targeting Donald Trump for political reasons. And Durham’s findings are released before 2020, they would help Trump prove that the Russia investigation was a witch hunt.

Barr Won’t Wait

Attorney General William Barr confirmed this week that he will NOT wait to reveal the results from John Durham’s investigation. Durham is currently investigating the FBI’s 2016 witch hunt “Russia” investigation that targeted Donald Trump. And Democrats have been trying their best to suppress the results of the investigation until after the election because the findings could help Trump prove he was illegally targeted.

In the recent House committee hearings, Rep. Tom McClintock asked Barr about a timeline for the results of the Durham’s investigation. Barr responded that the investigation had been delayed by Coronavirus:

“Justice is not something you order up on a schedule like you’re ordering a pizza.”

The statement comes just days after Barr told Fox News that he expected developments in Durham’s investigation “hopefully before the end of the summer.”

In that same committee hearing, Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell asked Barr if he would “commit to not releasing any report by Mr. Durham before the November election?”

Barr confirmed that he would NOT wait until after the election, saying:

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Democrats Are Freaking Out

Needless to say, Democrats are scared to death about what Duham’s investigation may have found. And they want the results of the investigation delayed until after the 2020 election because they’re scared it might help President Donald Trump.

They even admitted that the details will help Trump!

Democrat Sen. Richard Blumenthal admitted in a recent interview that the findings will probably help Trump:

“There’s a real danger, in fact an urgent threat, that anything the Department of Justice does will be timed to aid the president.”

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16 Responses

  1. Eric

    July 31, 2020 4:33 pm



  2. Stell

    July 31, 2020 6:18 pm

    Of course it was and is. I just hope everyone lives thru it.
    Like a stock market crash, jumping out a window. already had one of
    those during any kind of probes. Liars always get caught because they
    have to continue lying and they trip themselves up. Hooray.

  3. Patricia

    July 31, 2020 7:45 pm

    Oh yeah! Plenty evidence available already and much more on the way with Durham report. If it was a Republican hoax Dems would be demanding it was finished yesterday! Time for the corruption, abuse of power, obstructions, lies, etc to end! No-one is above the law and justice should apply to every person equally!

  4. Jerry Fitzgerald

    July 31, 2020 8:08 pm

    Let’s hope the Durham investigations actually lead to indictments and not some , ” milk t oast” report saying things should be done differently in the future.

  5. Michael Webster

    July 31, 2020 11:45 pm

    The Russian investigation was not a hoax, all the evidence that has come forth shows that not only did Russia massively interfere in our elections by using the social media platforms, but by playing the Trump campaign against the Clinton campaign. They released all those DNC emails they hacked, they made it look like the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russia. The Russia put millions of dollars into this effort, they had a huge building in ST. Petersburg in Russia. Mueller indicted 12 Russian operatives with interfering in our elections. Some of this is Trumps fault for the people he hired to run and work in his campaign, four people were indicted, one Roger Stone even bragged about being a dirty trickster. Trump could have saved himself and his people in his campaign a lot of trouble by telling the truth, they did not. If you are innocent our Founding Fathers set up a justice system that was fair so you could prove your innocence. If Trump and his campaign were innocent let the system work it out. Bill Barr also needs to remember that he is supposed to protect the integrity of our justice system, he has not always done this.

    • Eric

      August 1, 2020 12:00 am

      Russia did interfere in the 2016 election but Pres Trump did NOT collude with Russia directly at all!! In fact Russia has been interfering with Presidential elections for decades!!

      The Ovomits, Clintons, James Clapper, John Brennan, James “Cardinal” Comey, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Andrew McCabe, George Soros, etc ~~ They and their DEEP STATE ALL SPIED on Pres Trump’s 2016 Campaign!! Then THEY had the damn gall to say Pres Trump colluded with the Russians!! The Freaking DemonRats have LOWERED THEMSELVES to an all NEW LOW!!!!

    • Equalizer

      August 2, 2020 1:40 pm

      Holder, Lynch & Oscumbag single handedly destroyed the justice system, creating the two tier justice system. Wienstein Webster never mentions those scumbags, What an imbecile !

  6. Glenn Frischmann

    August 1, 2020 1:03 am

    Why did IG Durham want to wait until after November? Is it that the report so overwhelmingly shows that the Demrats are completely full of S**T? Is it that it shows that this party of criminals illegally persecuted President Trump for the past four years? These rat b*****s ought to be in jail already. At the least the DNC has to be compelled to pay back the American tax payers for the 50 million they wasted on their bogus Russia collusion investigation.

  7. David Snipes

    August 1, 2020 3:44 am

    It’s about time. And on another note….lebraun James and these other athletes taking a knee during national anthem…boycott these bastards! If they hate this great country that made them so rich, so much…let them leave! They should be grateful . We don’t need this bullshit.

  8. George Peabody

    August 1, 2020 11:06 pm

    Obama must be arrested #1, deported to Africa without his $$Mills, strip fraud citizenship, banish from USA forever.


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