Biden’s Replacement APPROVED! – RISKY Proposal!

Although media tracking groups typically categorize The Washington Post (WaPo) as a liberal-leaning news organization, the longstanding newspaper occasionally surprises us by publishing opinion pieces from conservative and right-leaning journalists. Recently, WaPo stirred the pot with an op-ed proposing a radical idea for the Biden campaign.

On June 14, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Kathleen Parker published an opinion piece suggesting a rather perplexing solution for President Joe Biden’s age problem: replace Vice President Kamala Harris with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Yes, you read that right. Parker, who is known for her center-right/conservative liberal stance, argued that Americans, including Democrats, are increasingly worried about Biden’s advancing age and his ability to complete another term. However, her solution to this “vexing problem” is to swap out Harris, who is 59, for Clinton, who is only a few years younger than Biden at 76.

Parker’s logic is as confusing as it is radical. She claims that Biden’s issue isn’t his numerical age but his “steady decline” over the past few years. Fair enough. But suggesting that replacing the younger Harris with Clinton would solve this problem seems like a desperate attempt to grasp at straws. Parker argued that Harris’ dismal approval ratings and lackluster performance outweigh any benefit she might bring to the ticket, notwithstanding her age.

According to Parker, Clinton’s support for Israel and her tenure as secretary of state could give Biden an edge in securing a second term. Really? The same Hillary Clinton who lost the 2016 election and contributed to what Parker calls the “old-White-men dilemma” we’re facing today?

Parker even had the audacity to suggest that replacing Harris with Clinton would instill confidence in voters who didn’t support Clinton eight years ago. This, despite Clinton’s own controversies and her being just five years younger than Biden.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Parker has suggested replacing a vice-presidential candidate. Back in 2008, she penned an article for the National Review suggesting that Republican nominee Sen. John McCain should replace Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Parker accused Palin of being “clearly out of her league,” particularly regarding economic issues, and criticized her for repeating words and “filling space with deadwood.”

The real kicker here is that Parker’s proposal reveals just how out of touch some liberal media figures can be. Instead of addressing the genuine concerns about Biden’s capability and Harris’ performance, Parker’s solution is to bring back a twice-failed presidential candidate who is almost as old as the man she’s supposed to support.

As we edge closer to the 2024 election, the Democratic Party faces an undeniable dilemma. Biden’s age and Harris’ unpopularity are significant hurdles. However, the idea that swapping Harris for Clinton is the silver bullet solution seems like a last-ditch effort to salvage a sinking ship.

For conservatives, this entire spectacle is both amusing and concerning. It highlights the Democratic Party’s desperation and willingness to recycle old, failed ideas instead of genuinely addressing the issues at hand. Parker’s op-ed may have been intended to provoke thought, but it ultimately exposes the disarray within the party and its struggle to find a viable path forward.

Stay tuned, folks. If this is the kind of “solution” being floated, we can expect a very interesting election season ahead. The Democrats might want to start looking for more innovative ideas rather than recycling old ones that have already proven ineffective.