Biden’s Border App: Fast-Tracking Illegal Migrants Into US Jobs

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants are now enjoying immediate access to employment authorization in the United States, courtesy of President Joe Biden’s CBP One app, reveals the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2023, the impact of this policy on illegal border crossings has been substantial. Between January and July, over 188,500 migrants scheduled CBP One entry appointments at various southern border entry points. Democratic city leaders, facing an influx of migrants, pressured the White House to expedite these permits.

Without utilizing the app, illegal migrants seeking asylum are required to endure a 150-day waiting period to request a work permit, followed by an additional 30-day wait for approval. The administration confirmed that approximately 16% of CBP One app users applied for work permits.

Lora Ries, Acting Deputy Chief of Staff of DHS during the Trump administration, contends that immediate work authorization serves as a magnet for more illegal migrants to enter the country.

The numbers speak for themselves. When the program was introduced, a discernible surge in border crossings occurred. In June, encounters with illegal migrants at the U.S. southern border reached approximately 99,000. This number escalated to over 132,000 in July and surged to more than 177,000 in August. The CBP One app user numbers continue to rise.

In January, Biden announced that up to 360,000 asylum seekers would be able to apply through the app annually. By July, that number skyrocketed to 522,000, increasing available appointments from 1,000 per day to 1,450.

This policy has left major cities, particularly those declaring themselves “sanctuaries,” grappling with the consequences. New York City has seen a regrettable influx of 50,000 new illegal migrants in 2023 alone, while Chicago is struggling to accommodate the 10,000 who have arrived so far.

Biden’s move to incentivize more migrants to cross U.S. borders by offering jobs and shelter only adds to the woes of the already beleaguered border. The sorry state of affairs along the border is hardly surprising given these policies.