Biden Grabs 2 Little Girls On Camera – Pulls Them Closer… [FULL VIDEO]

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Joe Biden has boundary issues…

Whether he means to or not, it’s becoming a very alarming trend with him. This time, a video has just caught of him touching 2 little girls in their swimsuits for a photo op. He grabbed them and pulled them in close while their family watched.

Photo Op Turns Inappropriate

Joe Biden stopped with his daughter for a photo op at the beach with random strangers who were there.

While taking pictures with some of the strangers, the 79-year-old reportedly pulled a pre-teen girl aside by her hand and pulled her in close.

He grabbed her while she was wearing a swimsuit while her mother watched.

You can watch the entire video yourself here.

There Are Other Girls…

Biden’s daughter has privately written in her diary about how it was probably “inappropriate” how often her father made her take showers with him as a little girl.

It’s not an isolated event either. C-Span has caught many instances of Biden fondling and touching the chest of young girls.

They’ve called him out for it before. But that doesn’t matter.

What makes this even worse is the allegations against him by Tara Reade, who claims that Joe Biden raped her when she was working as his staffer decades ago.

He’s made crude, inappropriate comments about children before in public. Even telling one girl ‘she looks like she’s 19 years old’.

It’s not cute. It’s not funny. It’s a problem.

It shows Biden can’t keep his hands to himself. He has no discipline and doesn’t care about how the people around him feel.