Biden Administration Recklessly Fires Missile In Act Of Hostility Toward North Korea


The Biden administration has now taken an extreme action that may put the United States at risk. This is dangerous.

According to a horrific report just released by NK News, the United States government under Joe Biden’s administration has just fired an intercontinental missile aiming to taunt the nation of North Korea into military action. A military professional has stepped forward, revealing that the act is an attempt to further escalate tensions with Kim Jong Un. It may even force Kim Jong Un to retaliate.

Joe Biden is literally putting our country on the brink of a full fledged war.

Biden Launches Missiles In Reckless Move Against North Korea

Verified reports have just come in revealing that on Wednesday, the United States Air Force under Joe Biden’s administration fired an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) from one of its bases in California.

The move is being hailed as an act that is meant to escalate tensions with the already rocky leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un.

Experts Expect Retaliation From North Korea

Ankit Panda, a Nuclear Policy expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace that the move is a threat by the Biden administration that may put America’s relationship with North Korea at risk. The move by Biden’s administration may even cause Kim Jong Un to launch more missiles himself:

“Kim has cited U.S. ICBM tests as a sign of U.S. hostile intent in the past… [He’ll say], ‘You test ICBMs, so why can’t we?’”

North Korea agrees. And they think that Biden’s reckless decision will give them an excuse to fire missiles as well. It’s on…

Cheong Seong-chang, an expert in North Korean politics, confirmed that North Korea will likely launch a series of missile launches themselves after the news:

“North Korea would probably be bothered by these ICBM tests.”

U.S. General Sounds The Alarm

This heartbreaking news comes just as a United States general with inside access to the United States military situation is warning that the United States is currently aiming missiles at North Korea.

North Korea will be the country that America will fight, if any. Currently, North Korea is the ONLY country that the United States is currently aiming weapons at:

“Our national missile defense capability is clearly focused on North Korea right now. not on China, Russia and Iran.”

Read the full military situation report here.

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