Apple CEO Says Parler Might Be Allowed Back On Apple Store


The free-speech platform Parler might be making a triumphant return!

According to a new report from Newsmax, the CEO of Apple has just revealed that Parler will be allowed back on the app store once it fixes its “moderation problem” and puts together a better system to detect violent threats.

Parler Returning?

In a recent interview with Fox News, the Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that the social media platform Parler will be allowed back on Apple’s app store once it gets its “moderation together.”

Cook told viewers on Fox News:

‘We looked at the incitement to violence that was on there. And we don’t consider that free speech and incitement to violence has an intersection.”

Cook also clarified, Parler is not banned. They are just suspended, which means they can come back:

”We have only suspended them. So, if they get their moderation together, they would be back on there.”

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