Anonymous “Fake News” Twitter Account Is Linked To George Soros

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It all makes sense now.

For the longest time, the anonymous Twitter account “Patriot Takes” has been targeting conservative patriots online. They post vile misinformation targeting conservative leaders and Republican politicians.

And now we know why!

It looks like “PatriotTakes” is secretly connected (although indirectly) to none other than the liberal billionaire villain George Soros. The same man who uses his wealth and power to target entire countries for fun. The Gateway Pundit is the exclusive source of this information.

George Soros Is Linked To Twitter’s “PatriotTakes” Account

The Gateway Pundit recently dropped a bombshell revealing a private investigation by journalists named Kyle Clifton and Greyson Arnold. Their investigation has successfully linked “PatriotTakes” to George Soros money and PACs controlled by Hillary Clinton.

The rabbit hole runs deep.

Investigator Kyle Clifton found that FEC records for the Patriot Takes PAC points to a woman named Amy Wills Gray of Michigan.

After further digging, Clitfton found that:

“As part of her work, Gray transacts millions of dollars in dark money deals through these PACs. For example, she received over a quarter-million dollars in donations from two of the most notorious dark money donors, George Soros and Amy Goldman Fowler.”

The Best Part…

But here’s the best part: The same woman who secretly helps run PatriotTakes has a Trump-supporter as a father!

That’s right. Amy Gray’s father is reportedly a die-hard Donald Trump supporter whose political views do NOT align with her daughter.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

“A quick Google search will reveal why Amy wishes to hide behind the scenes of an anonymous Twitter account. Amy’s father is a proud conservative and published author. Despite being a retired FBI agent, John Wills is strongly outspoken as a pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump, anti-mask, nationalist.”