ANALYSIS: Ilhan Omar Even Underperformed Joe Biden In Her Own District


Rep. Ilhan Omar just suffered a humilaiting defeat in the 2020 election. And yet, the liberal media isn’t talking about it.

According to a special report by Fox News, Ilhan Omar actually UNDERPERFORMED Joe Biden in the 2020 elections by the largest percentage than anyone else in the country.

Omar Gets Served Humble Pie

According to election analysis newsletter The Cook Political Report, it has just been found that Rep. Ilhan Omar underperformed Joe Biden by the largest percentage in the country.

The findings indicate that Omar received 64% of the vote in Minnesota’s 5th District.  Meanwhile Biden received 80%. Omar did MUCH WORSE than Biden.

In fact, Omar did so much worse than Biden that Cook Political Report editor Dave Wasserman says he’s not aware of anyone else who suffered as poorly percentage-wise as a Democrat:

Wasserman even went further, stating:

“In fact, I’m not aware of anywhere near this severe an underperformance for any other House *candidate* in the county, let alone an incumbent.”

This election sent a VERY clear message. The American people are sick and tired of radical liberals trying to take over this country. We want our country back!

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