Adam Schiff Accused Of Taking Part In Alleged “Unauthorized Dragnet” With FBI Officials


Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has just been accused of taking part in an illegal scheme to let the FBI look at American citizen’s private browsing history online.

According to Gizmodo, dozens of civil liberty groups have just accused Schiff of the online privacy of U.S. citizens. They even say that he may be doing it to conceal the unlawful surveillance of Americans’ web browsing activity by the FBI’s national security branch.

Schiff Accused

The groups released an official letter addressed to some of the most powerful Republicans and Democrats, accusing Adam Schiff of taking part in a “unauthorized dragnet surveillance of people in the United States.” They claim that the FBI is abusing wiretaps and other tools that were used under the Foriegn Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

The FISA act is the same on FBI agents used to target President Donald Trump’s campaign.

A Schiff spokesperson has not responded to a request for comment regarding the situation.

Republican Congressman Joins Fight

Rep. Warren Davidson, Republican of Ohio, sent the following statement to join the effort to call out Adam Schiff, saying:

“I completely agree with the coalition’s letter. I have numerous concerns about ongoing surveillance, especially given Rep. Schiff’s assertions. Congress and the American people have a right to know the extent of the surveillance the government is conducting, especially if good-faith efforts to reform those authorities are undermined by unconstitutional actions on the part of the intelligence community.”

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