About Us


If you stumbled across Liberty News Alerts, there’s a chance that you may have been shocked by the content we write. That’s because almost all of it has one emphasis and one emphasis only: Personal Liberty.

An Emphasis On Personal Liberty

We make no pretense of where we stand on the issues. Unlike CNN or even Fox News, we aren’t pushing agendas to consolidate power for ourselves.

That’s because unlike most news outlets, we HATE overreaching authorities and would simply prefer it if everyone had less power regardless of political party affiliation.

We believe big government is dangerous. We believe big banks are dangerous. We believe big tech is dangerous.

The very word “big” should strike fear into anyone who reads it. Because the more powerful an institution becomes, the harder it is to dismantle when it spirals out of control.

In Defense Of Our Reporting

So what is Liberty News Alerts? It’s a blog of curated stories that we believe are the most important – yet ignored – news stories happening around the world. We made this blog because despite the vastness of the internet, we believe that greed has poisoned the press.

Too many publications lie and pretend to be “unbiased” while using their platform to advance dangerous and hateful rhetoric. We don’t.

One of our favorite quotes is by the legendary investor and political analyst Richard J. Maybury:

“For reasons I do not understand, writers today are supposed to be objective. Few disclose the viewpoints or opinions they use to decide what information is important and what is not, or what shall be presented or omitted. I do not adhere to this standard and make no pretense of being objective. I am biased in favor of liberty, free markets, and international neutrality, and proud of it.”

This describes us perfectly. Our reporting will always be based on trying to promote news in the advancement of liberty across the country.

– Liberty News Alerts Staff