150 House Democrats Sign Letter Begging Biden To Enter Failed Iran Nuclear Deal


It’s already happening. Trump hasn’t even left office, and already Democrats are preparing to cozy up to Iran.

According to a DISTURBING report released by The Hill, it has just been revealed that 150 Democrats in the United States House have just signed a letter to Joe Biden begging him to support  rejoining Barack Obama’s FAILED Iran Nuclear deal.

Democrats Want To Cozy Up To Iran Again

The report states that 150 House Democrats have just signed a document demanding that Joe Biden re-join the Iran Nuclear Deal. The Iran nuclear deal was an alliance formed with the nation of Iran back when Obama was in office. It undermined our alliances with Israel and many people suggest that it gave Iran too much power.

When President Trump entered office, he took the United States OUT of the deal because it was such a big failure.

Nevertheless, Democrats are pushing Joe Biden to rejoin the deal with Iran.

In their letter to Biden, Democrats wrote:

“We are united in our support for swiftly taking the necessary diplomatic steps to restore constraints on Iran’s nuclear program and return both Iran and the United States to compliance with the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action…”

Needless to say, Israel is terrified of Iran getting more power again. As a result, the prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, recently stated:

“We shouldn’t go back to business as usual with Iran.”

But it looks like Democrats are doing everything they can to give Iran more money and power in the Middle East. They’re out of control. And they’re putting our country in danger.

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11 Responses

  1. Anna

    December 24, 2020 10:19 pm

    When dominion voting system & it’s software went in font of a counsel in October 2020 & judge Amy Toemburg stated it was not secured why was it used in our American election ?

  2. Robert Dimmock

    December 24, 2020 10:27 pm

    Iran cannot be trusted, and Israel is a trusted ally.. If we go back to a deal with Iran we will lose a valuable ally.

  3. Lyudmila Loeva

    December 24, 2020 10:43 pm

    This only proves even more how few moronic Democrats have been kicked out of the House of Representatives and replaced by adequate, normal and smart representatives – Republicans.

  4. lynn

    December 24, 2020 10:47 pm

    Is there a LIST of Home addresses where us MAGA people can send “Regards” to Phony Political “Swamp Creatures”????
    How About Liberty News Publishing a list here?
    I see “Bush” sent a Derogatory CHRISTmas card to PRESIDENT TRUMP.. I sure would like to be able to send a personal Holiday Card to MR. Bush, at his home, so nobody else opens & reads it..

  5. S.L.

    December 24, 2020 11:19 pm

    We finally had a President who wanted to take care of us and our country but now we have these Democratic idiots back to their old tricks. This isn’t Biden making decisions like they want because he can’t even remember his name. Obama and the Democrats are behind this and retartive Kerry is in the background waiting to make his play. Kerry went to Iran and negotiated something with them all while Trump didn’t know what or why he went there. Seems like the swamp is at it again. God help us, this sounds dangerous for all of us

  6. RowZ

    December 25, 2020 11:43 am

    YES!! They CAN be that stupid…..they have proved it over and over again…and those electing them are just as….but when the mass media is controlled by them, and they only get the “fixed” news and not the truth…what can we expect?

  7. Mike

    December 25, 2020 12:57 pm

    Democrats are the bane of our country. Anyone voting for them bc they didn’t like Trump’s combative style really should have their heads examined. For one, it was clearly a fixed election. If u didn’t like Trump, what could u possibly like Biden and Harris- they are commie paid twits and not a brain between them. I think maybe 30 million Biden votes were bogus. The crooked press needs to be shut down and the owners must go. An independent group, if one exists, should be responsible to monitor outrageous unfounded stories and do what is necessary to control their subversive and unchecked info.
    Trump should take whatever action needed to prevent Biden from taking this job when he couldn’t handle a dogcatcher job or get out of his own basement.

  8. Charlotte

    December 25, 2020 4:31 pm

    Biden don’t have the mind to be a pr esident He has already sold us out to other countries.Trump cared about the people of the U.S. and the people . He should go as far as he can about Biden steeling the peoples vote. go for it Trump


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